REwarding employees and partners with Dolphin Corporate Consultants Ltd. Reward and incentive event management

The Problem

You need to thank and reward a selection of customers or employees with a new and exciting day to maintain the profile and standards of your business. Do you?

  • Send them all bungy jumping and hope old Mr Jones has a spare set of dentures.
  • Spend 80 hours researching the best hospitality options for the group considering their age range, interests, location etc etc baring in mind the budget constraints, checking the credibility of the hospitality company and the quality of the service they provide(and their insurance cover), then invite all while checking their personal requirements and schedules.
  • Place one call to Dolphin Corporate Consultants, let them do the hard work for free while you get on with your own workload?

The Solution

We will

  • Research the perfect option for the size and nature of the group and the aims of the day whether it be a simple thank you, a promotional day or team-building to ensure the final outcome is of value to you and your business
  • There are hundreds of companies providing every possible sort of fun day imaginable and we will provide a selection of ideas to impress all of your guests
  • Provide the service and support needed in partnership with you and your team.
  • Organise as many of the details as you need us to – including transfers, insurance, etc, etc.
  • Cost you nothing!
We can also
  • Take the entire guest list from you to deal with from start to finish
  • Organise entertainment of every kind
  • Theme the day
  • Attend and provide hands-on event management so you can network.
  • Provide gifts or mementos of the day